No. 14 Machu Pichu Golf
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No. 14 Machu Pichu Golf Club

No. 14 Machu Pichu Golf Club No. 14 Machu Pichu Golf Club 

Undiscovered until 1911, this great Inca ruin, complete with what may be the oldest known golf course, raises some mind-boggling questions: was golf really invented in Scotland? Or were the Scots the first to reach the New World? Whatever the answers, historians are certain that the disappearance of the Inca civilization was due in large part to a fanatical pre-occupation with golf, and further speculate that golf's ultimate secrets are entombed within its ruins. No. 14, 372 Yards, Par 4, Number 13 handicap.

Print signed by artist Loyal H. Chapman



9"x12" unsigned



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